Welcome ToCamp Hoo-HaCalgary

Camp Hoo-Ha: Calgary

Welcome to Hooha Calgary, where it all began. Embracing the nostalgia, memories and shenanigans of our childhood camp days, Camp Hoo-Ha is a series of skill-building events for women.  With a naughty group of campers who have been hoo-ha for 4 years, Calgary campers have earned many badges, had many laughs and mastered a lot of skills. From monthly events to overnight camps to hoo-ha’ing online, Camp Hoo-Ha Calgary is the Mothership of fun.

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Meet Mel Mckay, the High Hoo-Ha and founder of Camp Hoo-Ha. Over the last four years, Mel has been busy building the community, dreaming up big ideas and finding ways for us to have fun in good times and bad. Mel is the leader of all Calgary events, and online events as well.

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