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Welcome to
Hotel Hoo-Ha

Join us for a socially distant slumber at Calgary's Hotel Arts. This epic Hoo-Ha style event is on Friday October 29, and includes an overnight stay, welcome bag, welcome drink, dinner, brunch, wine and oodles of naughty slumber party content. It’s the night away we all need!

The Plan

Here’s the plan for the event. There’s more information in the FAQs at the bottom as well as in the ticket information. Please note that proof of vaccination is required to attend.

  • Staggered check from noon – 5pm
  • Welcome bag & welcome drink pick up at check in
  • Free time until 6pm – optional breakout out activities will be offered if restrictions permit
  • Room Service dinner from 6pm-7:30pm - includes wine and an excellent meal
  • Showtime – Naughty Hoo-Ha event streamed from 8-10pm



Enjoy 2 meals delivered to your room

Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts with Mandy Stobo.


Camp songs are always on the menu.

Tarot Readings

Book a Tarot quickie with our camp card reader.

Pool Time

Poolside time can be booked through hotel.

Sex Ed

Some naughty sex ed lessons are on the menu.

Sleep Care

We have a speaker who will put you to sleep.

Spa Services

Book a spa service through the hotel.


Enjoy wine and tasting notes with the Booze Counsellor.

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What is included in the Hotel event?

Hotel Hoo-Ha includes a one night stay, welcome bag, welcome drink, dinner, brunch, wine, online content, and distanced breakout sessions if restrictions permit.

What is included in the At Home package?

If you order the At Home ticket, we’ll ship you a sleepover bag that will contain all the same items hotel guests are getting. The bag has some treats, hooha goodies, a badge, some pampering items – all packaged in a camp-style sling backpack.

What is on the menu?

Camp will include two dinner options, including one that will be gluten free and vegetarian. Dinner will include wine. Two brunch options will be provided as well. Once you book, we’ll send a form to get menu selections.

Who are the speakers?

We are lining up a few amazing speakers on sex and sleep. We’ll also have our usual wine notes, camp songs and crafts as well. Things will get wild!

What is the refund policy?

This event has been designed with safety and comfort in mind. Hotel Hoo-Ha tickets are non-refundable but can be transferred to another camper or group of campers. If further restrictions affect our ability to stay in a room with cohorts, refunds would be offered accordingly.

Anything else planned?

We have access to 3 large conference areas where we can safely deliver fun breakout sessions. We’ll share information about those activities as we move forward.