Mixology shopping list

Camp Counsellor Juan has prepared a shopping list for our December 21 Mixology event! We are making classic cocktails and will explore ways to level up some classics with other ingredients. To keep things budget friendly, you can always purchase mini bottles. 

- 1 bottle of Tanqueray Gin 
- 1 bottle of Bulleit Bourbon 
- 1 Bottle of Don Julio Blanco Tequila 
- 1 bottle of Cointreau Liqueur or Grand Marnier
- 1 Bottle of Angostura bitters
- 3 Bottles of Soda Water
- Fresh orange (1), lemon (2), and lime (2)
- Agave Syrup

Tools needed:
Jigger (very important)
cocktail shaker (can be replaced by a mason jar with lid)
citrus juicer
potato peeler
cutting board
bar spoons or straw
1 bag of ice
Rocks glass
Highball glass
Coupe glass