Charcuterie Camp Shopping List

CAMPERS! Your Charcuterie Camp Counsellor has put together a handy shopping list for our event on December 15. Let's connect over sweaty meat and stinky cheese!
Wine Oh's
 Rose Bubbles.
Gamay and/or Barbera


Cheesus Christ
Brie or Camembert. Triple Brie from France if you can. Deeeeerish!
These squeaky ones are versatile and can range from mild to pungent. I would recommend a medium gouda for a friendly easy go-er that pairs well with everything.
Anything aged that crumbles and smacks you in the face with flavour. Head to a 3 or 4 year old Cheddar. Beemster or Aged gouda will work well here to for easy to find go-to's.
Ok, so polarizing...but if this is wanted dive right in with a Elizabeth Blue or Saint Agur...but if you want to temp no blue'rs try a creamy gorgonzola.
Charcuterie or Shark Cootchie
Salami, or the fancy cousin Salumi ;-)
We use 2 different types for our boards to allow some selection. I like a mild genoa and then a parm, fennel or spicy as a compliment.
Popular and flavourful styles include Cacciatore or Sausccion...usually available at most markets.
Whole Muscle.
Packs a punch of flavour, but also has a unique texture. Salty and silky would be prosciutto. Unique alternatives are Lonza/Lomo Culatello or coppa. 
Condom Mints
Follow the sweet, salty, savory and sour profiles here. Common themes are acid and fat. Sour and spicy. We'll cover these more online. Grab some  mustard, sweet jam, spicy jam and a garlic or tomato jam.
Grab some fruit (orange, grapes and anything neat and sweet). 
Grab some olives and pickles
Source some dried fruit...short cut, use a trail mix to get it all.
I love the idea of a DIY kit, I am still not sure if we got the cycles to get something together. Love the idea...wish we had more time supplies and people because this would be awesome. Let me see if I can get it together as an option by the weekend.